Bitumen-latex sprayable and spreadable waterproofing material

Profix KR. Two-component bitumen-latex emulsion and mastic, sprayable and spreadable waterproofing coating

short description:

Bitumen-latex emulsion and mastic can be used to create a completely unique new generation waterproof surface with properties never seen before.

It can be applied to any geometric shape and configuration surface; with hoses up to 100 m long in the set, it enables work in remote architectural areas and hard-to-access places;

Area of ​​use:

Insulation and renovation of flat roofs

(e.g. on an aged bituminous sheet) and making new insulation; 

insulation of civil engineering structures; 

concrete pools, 

insulation of tanks, 

production of a chemical-resistant (sewage and chemical) coating.

Bitumen-latex emulsion and mastic can be used for virtually any insulation work.

Main features:

• odorless;

• Strong adhesion to any building material;

• Self-healing in case of minor injuries;

Stable resistance to aggressive chemical media and liquids;

• Highly flexible memory effect;

• Non-flammable (water-based);

High performance work - a team of three people can cover an area of ​​up to 1000 m2 during an 8-hour shift.

Surface preparation:

The surface to be insulated must be sufficiently solid (free from flaking, flaky, weakly adhesive parts), free from contamination (dust, separating materials), and water-free. The temperature of the base surface and the air must not be lower than + 5°C.

The drying time is at least 48 hours.

Safety and Occupational Health:

The product contains petroleum. It cannot be diluted. 

After finishing work, it is recommended to wash the tools and sprayers with Gasoline (Gas oil) or WD40, in compliance with environmental protection laws!

Before and during the work, do not use any petroleum-containing materials on the work surface, it can even cause fatal damage to the insulating material!!!

During work, the use of occupational safety equipment such as a mask covering the nose and mouth, glasses, and gloves is mandatory!

Storage: It must be stored dry, protected from direct sunlight, at a temperature above +5C, the product is water-based, so it must be protected from frost. The frozen product cannot be used!

Contains no harmful substances!

Not flammable!